Enabling work environment

At MSAF, we strive to build a positive and enabling work environment for all its members irrespective of race, caste, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnicity, ability or any other personal characteristic. We take pride in our healthy workforce diversity and we constantly endeavor to ensure a positive and enabling work environment for our diverse talent. We make focussed efforts to create an inclusive, collaborative and engaging culture where all members feel respected and valued while for their contributions towards 'Building s safe & strong nation'. It is the power of our people and our unique culture, which helps us deliver outstanding & trustworthy steel product quality and services in the markets we serve

What can you expect?

MSAF invites the best talent to join our purpose & vision of making this world a better place. We have laid a strong foundation of a value-driven culture and trust and honesty amidst our workforce. There is a robust relationship of respect among each member of MSAF Family. While we continue to build upon the next big targets for the company, we also focus on the little things that matter. It is the bond between each and every employee at MSAF and a relationship that we share as part of our shared goal. We are marching towards building a stronger nation and in efforts of that we are building a stronger and committed team. We are constantlystriving to empower each one with the ability to think independently and create value for the organization to grow in all aspects of doing business

Attracting the right talent

Hiring at MSAF is about sharing opportunities with passionate candidates who learn & grow together with us. With the right process in place, we make great hires that help with rapidly accelerating MSAF growth. The primary purpose is to create a motivated workforce who will stay with MSAF in the long run and help achieve its Purpose & Vision, while growing themselves as self-sustainable leaders.

Every Hire is Important to us

We value candidates with the right attitude and skills, who are creative, energetic, proactive, and intelligent in both their thoughts and actions. We try to share an experience with all the potential candidates we reach out to and interact with. We maintain long-term relationships with everyone we come across to and consider them part of the MSAF family. We are always open to collaborating and coming together whenever we have openings.

Interact not just Interview

It is important for us to give the MSAF experience to every candidate. Our hiring process is designed in a way that gives us an opportunity to understand each other. We share our culture and environment for you to easily align and find your space even before you join us. We learn from you and build a path for growing together and transforming together.

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Join us in building a strong nation

We define, create, deliver and sustain the value to our stakeholders through a highly engaged
and committed workforce that aligns with a set of shared beliefs, norms, and goals.