We believe in people power

MSAF Purpose, Vision, and Mission have a strong connection with value creation for all stakeholders and the larger communities in society. This is a part of its evolving Culture and is depicted in the actions/behaviors of each and every employee at MSAF

We believe that people work best when they feel good about themselves, they are trusted, and when they are in a positive work environment. MSAF is working relentlessly to create an environment that is friendly, supportive, challenging, and exciting for our team members. Our people-focused approach is all about making everyone an integral part of our journey

Growing Together, Transforming Together

At MSAF, we are driven by the aspiration of delivering value to ourstakeholders

  • We manufacture high-quality products that are safe, innovative,and sustainable
  • We are a self-driven team, combining vast engineering andbusiness knowledge; applying them to build the strongest products
  • We innovate to simplify and speedi-fy everything that we do
  • We encourage and promote a connected organization, to engageand retain the best talent to make a difference
  • We ensure, cost-effective, efficient, and best-quality service deliveryto all our stakeholders
  • We are transparent, honest, humble, and empathetic
  • We nurture long-term relationships
  • We live our commitments with integrity

Creating Value for All

Our culture ensures that we areresponsive to the needs of all ourstakeholders and are cognizant of our rolein creating a larger social value.Our business is aligned with this approachand, using this, we design and deliverproducts that disrupt the market withunparalleled customer value. We focuson leveraging our core strengths to drivesustainable value creation whilst beingthe market leader in the segment.

We aspire to take the path of value-basedgrowth by ensuring businesssustainability, creating benefits for ourconsumers, and partnering in the long-termgrowth agenda of our stakeholdersthrough continuous engagement

Driven by Values

Our values are embedded in each and every people-related process. It helps our diverse and inclusive culture to help foster out-of-the-box thinking and promote inclusivity,performance, collaboration, and openness.

Embedding values is about ensuring that our values are integrated with all our people processes and communications.It starts with hiring the right talent to manage and retain it. Values are also part of our communication, training and capacity building, performance management, and rewards &recognitions as well.

Values Embedded In Our Work

Empowered Leadership

Leaders live our core values and lead by example. They translate the MSAF values & culture into what's important for our business and how employees can contribute to this.

Engaging Managers

Managers drive values across their teams by aligning day-to-day activities, Review & Reflect along with their teams

Motivated Employees

Employees demonstrate values in their day-to-day work activities and sustain MSAF brand by aligning individual contributions to the company's purpose & vision