We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible. The Best Quality TMT bar Manufacturer & steel companies in India | MS Agarwal Foundries –is one of the leading primary TMT bar manufacturers in India, manufacturing TMT Rebar steel. Guided by a philosophy to produce safe and sustainable steel, it is a pioneer in quality TMT, TMT bars, TMT steel, steel products, operating with cutting-edge technology in order to meet the stringent requirements of its reputed customers. We believe that success can be achieved through strong teamwork, exceptional manufacturing, quality products, and skills benefiting the end customer.

Our Manufacturing Process

M S Agarwal Foundries is equipped with Electric Arc Furnace (EAF). We use three-phase Alternating Current

Quality Steel can be Manufactured Quality of steel will be dependent on charge mix 
Relatively small size & cost effective Comparatively low production 
Clean environment Environment affected at the time of charging 
Flexible to product variety of Grade & easy removal of undesirable impurities   Varity of grade is not possible. Removal of undesirable impurities is not possible. 
Undesirable impurities like Phosphorous able to reduce at desirable level even less than 0.025% through oxidation P202 in basic lining  Limited control on chemistry, only can be controlled through raw material. 
Undesirable impurities like Sulphur able to desulphurization at desirable level even less than 0.025%  Further refining is required to control chemical properties. Only can be controlled through charge mix 
As Manufacturer of DRI, we control Undesirable impurities at the time of iron ore & coal selection. It will be additional benefit not only in cost but also in productivity  If controlled through raw material additional cast added in to the production cost. 


Structural Drawing
Generate BBS-Detailed Engineer
Issue BBS to Contractor - Engineering Dept
Issue Material Request
Arrange Material / Steel
Store material at the yard
Contractor Work Schedule
Make cut and brand - complete all bar marks
Supply at the site
Reuse the cut material
Scrap Supervision
Store the Scrap
Arrange quote for scrap disposal
Dispose scrap