Pursuit of a future-ready talent

At MSAF, we are responsible for our teams/employees who work with us through the day andnight. We aspire to provide an inclusive work environment where each member must beconsidered as an individual contributor toward a larger purpose. We respect theirdiversity and dignity and recognize their merit. They must have a sense of achievement,fulfillment, and purpose in their jobs. There must be equal opportunity for employment,development, and advancement of every single member. We must provide highlycapable leaders and their actions must be inspiring for their team membersas an organization is committed to enhancing the knowledge quotient of its people.

The gamut of learning and development at MSAF includes both in-house and external support programs

  • Induction & Orientation (New Hire Training) Programs
  • Technical / Skill workshops
  • Soft Skills trainings
  • Behavioral workshops
  • Leadership Programs
  • Mentoring & Coaching support
  • Enabling Performance through managerial development programs
  • Step up to leadership workshops
  • Motivational talks and workshops by industry leaders
  • Safety Trainings
  • Policies & Procedure Training

Learning at MSAF


To achieve its vision, MS Agarwal Foundries (MSAF), strives to provide a supportive learning culture. This strategy is intended to facilitate and secure the learning and development of all MSAF employees. It is also intended to emphasize the ethos of continuous improvement and highlight MSAF's commitment to employee learning and development. As a result of implementing this strategy, MSAF aims to support appropriate learning opportunities for all employees, in partnership with each employee assuming responsibility for his/her own learning and development. By implementing this, MSAF is keen to create a learning organization culture.


MSAF believes in the importance of lifelong learning for the growth and development of all employees and for the organization itself. While priority in training will be given to meeting the learning and development needs of the individual as they relate to MSAF's business aims, this will include encouragement and support for the personal and professional growth of each employee.


MSAF has a contemporary view of learning and development and both values and recognizes a range of learning and development activities through which each employee may gain knowledge, skills and confidence to develop competencies demonstrated in the carrying out of their daily duties. At MSAF we use the 70:20:10 rule as a general principle with 70% learning on the job, 20% on projects (functional as well as cross-functional through coaching & mentoring) and 10% classroom learning.


The everyday work environment should be recognized as a learning situation and should be maximized to achieve highly positive, rich, and diverse learning experiences directed towards improving MSAF's performance. Much of the learning that takes place in the workplace will be self-directed and will arise from daily work experiences where the staff member has a need or desire to learn more.

Rewards & Recognition

At MSAF, we believe that people work best when they feel good about themselves, they are trusted, andwhen they are in a positive work environment. Every single TMT bar delivered to our customers should be a depiction of our strong, committed, and trustworthy workforce. Recognition provides us opportunities for the efforts of our people to be acknowledged. Whether it's the day-to-day accomplishments or above-and-beyond results, we drive a sustainable culture of recognition where we celebrate individuals and the teams who are at the core of our success.

Value Champions at MSAF

Our values are the DNA immersed inevery member across the organization.

Value Champions at MSAF are the role models who are not just demonstrating the organizational Values andBehaviours themselves but are also inspiring their peers, and teams by putting them into action. Value champions feellike a member of MSAF and ownMSAF's purpose & Vision. They also feel inspired to lead the way for others and continueto innovate & contribute. They become part of MSAF journey toward building a Safe & Strong Nation.

  • Make values part of their work style
  • Own, align and act upon MSAF's Purpose, Vision & Mission
  • Aim for stretched goals, and own the results
  • Be consistent in performance and behaviors
  • Guide/support colleagues to live MSAF values


Other Rewards at MSAF

  • Monthly SPOT Award
  • Employee of the Year Award
  • Best Innovation Award
  • Outstanding Achievement Award