We are passionately committed to the pursuit of a better world through positive change

We believe our first responsibility is to the final beneficiary, the men, women, community members, governments, and all others who are using our products directly or indirectly. We believe our sustainable steel bars have provided them with the foundation to build a stronger future. In meeting their needs, everything we do must be of high quality. We must constantly strive to provide value, reduce costs, and maintain quality standards as we hold ourselves responsible for someone's safety and sustainability

We are responsible to our clients, partners, customers, and vendors who are taking our products to larger communities. We exist to deliver value to our stakeholders at every step of our interaction with them. Every single TMT bar delivered to them should be a depiction of our strong, committed, and trustworthy workforce.

We are also responsible to the communities in which we live, work and give back to. We focus on protecting the environment and encourage sustainable solutions.

Sustainability is one of our core values

We Build teams, processes, and products that focus on creating a safe, strong, sustainable nation.

Building trust and credibility amongst stakeholders

Understanding the aspirations and concerns of our clients, and customers and creating value to address the same is akey commitment of our growth strategy. We remain focused on delivering quality and long-term value-led services toall our stakeholders. We are continuously working to ensure sustained value delivery to them for a long time to come

Promote environmental and social sustainability

MSAF's approach towards sustainability is focused on creating industry-leading value with products and services that are based on the needs andpreferences of our consumers. At the same time, we conserve resources, focus on protecting the environment, and improve social conditions for those who need it most

Future-ready technology and capability

In today's dynamic market, building capability and competencies is a progressive process. It is critical for both business and individual growth. MSAF. Our commitment is to building sustainable andpurposeful businesses with responsible growth at the focal point of everything thatwe do

Always conscious about cost & resources

At MSAF we are always focused on the cost and resources that we utilise to develop and deliver our products and services to the market. We focus on the long-term sustainability of both our profits and our services. Our processes aspire us to make the best out of our raw materials as well as the by-products. Our resources also include our people and we ensure their long-term development to achieve our purpose & mission

Our Contribution

  • Sponsoring Vocational Courses for Skill Development.
  • Sponsored 500 Litres per hour RO plant for villagers. Proposal of sponsoring one more RO plant in this financial year.
  • Conducting Medical Camp every Quarterly.
  • Sponsoring scholarships for bright students at the primaryschool level.