INDIA Independence Day In commemoration of the 77th Independence Day

Date: August 15, 2023 | By: HR Communication

76 years and going… going stronger and going longer, from a modest nation that had to address the basic needs, first, to a robust economy that is commanding the global digital space, today; from a nation that dreamt of simple highways and express trains, to becoming a country where dazzling expressways cut through the length and breadth of her geography, and fast trains zip past the rural and urban landscapes, with a thud of pride, and a beat of accomplishment.

A nation that was mocked for its population, the same demographic dividend that is the among the top five economies of the world with an enviable GNP, and a market that cannot be overlooked by any business, thanks to its buying capability. A land with timeless heritage, that was a guiding star of knowledge and wisdom, is today a hub of technological and engineering excellence

Salute and celebrate the spirit and soul and status of BEING INDIAN JAI HIND

A nation that continues

to give the world spiritual bliss, and the true essence of vasudaika kutumbam and vanaprastha and satvik way of living. A nation that juxtaposes speed and leisure, highs and lows, big and small, ancient and modernity;

A nation that gave

medicine in ancient days, and today saved billions of lives with the timely supply of vaccines;

A nation that is a veritable

kitchen, with thousands of diversities mingled into one Indian cuisine, today makes the world cuisines adapt themselves to tickle Indian taste buds; no wonder the pizza and the Chinese we eat is desi, the cake and pastry we indulge in is made of local ingredients;

A nation that is built on

communal diversities but always the oneness in its unmatched compassion, care, and sacrifice;

A nation that has

medicine in ancient days, and today saved billions of lives with the timely supply of vaccines;

A nation whose past

is resplendent with inspiring examples and future is gleaming in its breathtaking progress on a fast track;

A nation where

mothers promise to bring moon to their babies, a nation that has mothers guiding the spaceship to reach moon;

A nation that celebrates

August 15 as Independence Day, a nation that celebrates every day as an Independent India;