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Our honorable Founder Shri Maneklal Agarwal Ji (Born 15 November 1936) – a Business Magnate hails from Jhunjhunu District in Baragaon, Rajasthan. He was the Eldest Son of Late Seth Shri Gulab Rai Ji & Smt. Gomti Devi Ji. He completed his graduation in 1957 and was an alumnus of renowned educational Institutions like Badruka College & Nizam College Hyderabad (1957).

Seth Gulab Rai Ji was also a name to reckon with the textile Industry. He engraved his vision in the year 1973 as he was the only one who brought the knitting concept from Japan & was very much focused on trading and manufacturing. A persona passionately involved in the stream of business and technology had ventured into the foray of the steel Industry (Rolling Mill) at Azamabad in 1961. This was later handed over due to the diversification of business within his family in the year 1967. Having come from a business-oriented family background – Our honorable Founder (Shri Maneklal Agarwal Ji) started a rampage in getting into the diversified business arena - from Hire & Purchase of Vehicles, Steel & Textile, Power loom textile, etc (1983).

We salute to our Hero, Founder and Great Visionary

Late Shri Maneklal Agarwal Ji

Seth Shri Maneklal Ji's agile manifesto towards technological advantage later emanated into the launching of air Weaving Technology in the year 1985. This massive plant was established at Nacharam, Hyderabad which in turn led to the establishment of a group of companies as Agarwal Foundries in 1990, Rama Spinners in 1993, and M S Agarwal Foundries in 2005 and Sitaram Spinners Pvt Ltd in 2007.

MS Agarwal Foundries & their emerging developments were instrumental in materializing the vision into the mission, exploring different horizons like steel, spinning, and textile industries. With the commitment of our founder, we are one of the market leaders in the steel segment across India.

Inspired by his Father Seth Shri Gulab Rai Ji, he opted for huge diversity in the area of business at the same time following the footsteps of his parents he has ensured to dedicate his time to family as well – he set his priorities very clear and maintained a balance between work and family life.

"Charity Begins at home" – a Mantra Maneklal Ji strongly believed in - giving back to the community by organizing charity events and helpingunderprivileged and economically weak communities. This family is known for charity and being generous in contributing towards the development of the Society.

Some of the initiatives are

  • Bhagwan Devi Hospital
  • Smt Gomati Devi PG College
  • Smt Gomati Devi BEd College
  • Smt Gomati Devi Yoga College
  • Seth Shiv Dutt Rai High School
  • Seth Shiv Dutt Rai Senior Secondary School (Hindi Medium)
  • Seth Shiv Dutt Rai Senior Secondary School (English Medium)

In addition to this, the family follows a culture of Helping poor – Serving breakfast to the poor and needy daily morning at their residence and contribute to the welfare of their employees by extending unconditional support when they find someone in dire necessity. One of the important values cascaded down the family from Seth Shri Gulab Rai Ji is – "Try till you succeed; Act well on your part there lies the Honor".

His view on some important points:

  • Achievement: Every single day is an achievement as my journey was so exciting and tough and I enjoyed.
  • Technology: We have started adopting it and there is a lot to explore. We are going to adopt technology in every step which we are going to take here on.
  • Health Secret: Having ample work and dedication towards the same with passion keeps you Fit.
  • Employer and Employee: Are TWO peddles to progress without which neither an organization nor and individual can Progress.
  • Hurdle: LOYALTY is an issue we are struggling with, when it comes to relationship – every individual has to work on it – one should never give up on Morals – Its important.
  • Pride: Is FALSE and complete destruction – Individual will not be able to assess his own Fall.

Message to the Fraternity:

Lot of scope for Growth in all aspects – A man has to strive rigorously towards meeting his goals and objective. TIME – Life and Time will not attempt to match with the phase we adapt – it is the role of an "INDIVIDUAL" to align himself with Life and Time.

Message to Grand Children:

Good reputation and Image in society to be sought over riches. Thrive to hold MS Agarwal Group at pinnacle now and forever.

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Sustained value creation and delivery for all our stakeholders is a commitment that is central to our business strategy. Our foundation of value creation is crafted to ensure that value is consistently created and delivered, not just in the short and mid-term, but also over the long term. Understanding the aspirations and concerns of our clients, and customers and creating value to address the same is a key commitment of our growth strategy. We are continuously working to ensure sustained value delivery to them for a long time to come