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Steel rounds Manufacturer, Supplies of Mild Steel (MS) Round Bars

Sponge Iron

The first step to produce a quality product of global repute begins with the raw materials used in its manufacluring process. MSAgarwal foundries,is an integrated unit with its own sponge iron plant - Maruti Ispat, that uses virgin iron ore. Its proximity to Bellary with continuous access to high-grade raw material enable us to produce high quality Sponge Iron that wirks as feedstock to help us manufacture prime quality steel every time.


The quality of steel is reflected in the quality of the Billets from which it is manufactured. A 'customer first and qality first' approach at MS Agarwal resulted in one-of-its-kind ConCast Technology to manufacture MS Billets. Steel produced from Billets is far more superior in its quality. with better elongation properties. Our factories continuously chirn out high quality billets. thus ensuring steel of superior quality.

MS Round Bar

We produce MS Round Bars (IS432-part-1 AF Star MS Round Bars are used by POR Road (Cemented Road), forging industries, bright bar industries, auto-ancillaries, foundation and anchorbolts, pins, rollers, bushes, automotive,chemicals, fertilizers, sugarmills, distilleries and many more engineering industries..

Binding Wire

Binding Wire is used tor the purpose Of tying applications in the field Of construction. It is used extensively in the construction sector for tying their bars at the joints SO as to keep the structure intact.

Cut and Bend Steel

The TMT Industry is in need of customized and easy solutions. The Cut & Bend technology does just that. AF Star Cut and Bend rebars enable high customization, thus giving the Customers a ready to use product. Place the order, receive the delivery and fix it on the site. This process saves time, avoids wastage, reduces storage and pilferages, thus ensuring cost advantages, and all this with an accuracy of ±1% in the final product.

Every construction requires steel in different shapes and sizes for which cutting and bending is done at the site itself resulting in reduced internal strength ot the bar which is caused by internal stress and fractures. Changing times and reduced gestation period of the projects posed a challenge to the steel manufacturers for a quick turn around solution. The result- cut & bend steel, a steel that is tailor made to suit individual projects right in its inception stage nself thus by enhancing savings, in terms of time, labour and money.

Our assigned team , studies the blue print of the project, charts out a plan, produce and supervise the operation in its entirety. The steel is made to order, cut and bent by sophisticated machines that ensure accuracy right down to the last millimetre. All you do is just order your design to us, receive the order and fix iton the site, thus saving on costs of approx 5-8%.

Customer satisfaction has always been of prime importance to us and for this we keep ourselves continuously updated with the latest technologies and trends in the market. The underlying thought is to give our customers the best possible service at the best possible price. Cut & Bend is the first step in that direction. And with a solution as smartas this, it is only a matter of time before the entire Industry moves in this direction.


Thermo-mechanical treatment (TMT), is a metallurgical process that work hardening and heat- treatment into a single process. Critical control over levels of impurities, along wiül computer controlled online heat treatment, gives AF Star TMT higher bendability, longevity & ductability tar exceeding the IS 1786/08 Standards.

FE 500D & FE 550D TMT Rebar

Let's make this world a better place to live. Steel offers the widest range of strength compared to the other metals, giving a significant advantage in construction. We take pride in offering FE 500D & FE 550D, the strongest grade in TMT so far in practice. This grade of steel is produced using a technology such that it has two desirable properties simultaneously; higher strength and higher ductility, thereby making it the most suitable for earthquake resistant structure. Higher strength is achieved by the addition of certain alloying elements, keeping the percentage of carbon lower, thereby ensuring that the steel remains sufficiently ductile.

AF Star FE 500D & FE 550D have enhanced physical, chemical & mechanical properties as compared to the bars in other strength grades. This is achieved by a highly controlled and advanced manufacturing process at AF Star's own manufacturing unit.

Advantages of our product delivery

  • TIME is one of the major advantages as unbundling, stacking, segregating, measuring, manual cutting and bending of the rebars is reduced by less than half.
  • Another major advantage is the ACCURACY at which the steel can be automized to ensure exact degree bend and precision upto +1/-1 mm.
  • Zero WASTAGE with utmost precision as the steel is cut and bend as per the exact specifications of the blue print
  • Manual LABOUR escalates the costs exponentially which can be almost nullified
  • Waste steel always increases the chances of pilferage at evert site. Exact quantity of steel is supplied in numbers thereby ensuring no pilferage.
  • The STORAGE hassles at the site area fully eliminated. There is no need to maintain minimum stock level and block crunch working capital

Our readymade Cut & Bend Sets

Steel rounds Manufacturer, Supplies of Mild Steel (MS) Round Bars

Save more with M S Agarwal

AF Star Cut & Bend Advantage Direct Benefits Minimum (INR) Maximum (INR)
5-8% savings in wastage when compared with conventional usage of 12 meters 2100 3360
1% savings on inventory holdings (approximately 25 days) 400 400
Cutting and bending on conventional use of 12 meters (Labour charges per ton) 3000 5500
Total Cost incurred 5500 9260
Less recovery from sale of scrap 600 960
Not Expenditure per ton on current practice 4900 8660
Note: Analysis done on the cost of steel @ As 4200 per Mt