Infrastructure development is the backbone of nation's growth. A major contribution to India's infrastructure has come from growth in the construction of residential/commercial buildings and high rise steel is key material used in India's predominantly R construction. Thermo mechanically treated rebars (TMT rebars) impart strength and ductility to RCC structure to withstand various kinds of loads impacting a building. In the demand for making such buildings safer, builders as well as individuals are focusing more on the quality of material used. These days a lot of focus is given in designing structures that have high earthquake resistance. TMT bars can have high resistance to Seismic loads due to its higher UTS/YS ratio. In view of these requirements, MS Agarwal Foundries took initiative in this direction and developed the seismic resistant MS Life 600+ grade/quality TMT rebars. These rebars are produced as per Indian standard IS: 1786:2008. Developing this product, due consideration was given to the cost effective alloy design and optimization of process parameters within Factory capability of MS LIFE 600+. Chemistry design and Colling parameters were major technological intervention that was judiciously used achieving high UTS/YS ration > 1.18 in earthquake resistant TMT-Rebar.

Our Priority

The Best Quality TMT bar Manufacturer & steel companies in India | MS Agarwal Foundries –is one of the leading primary TMT bar manufacturers in India, manufacturing TMT Rebar steel. Guided by a philosophy to produce safe and sustainable steel, it is a pioneer in quality TMT, TMT bars, TMT steel, steel products, operating with cutting-edge technology in order to meet the stringent requirements of its reputed customers.

We believe that success can be achieved through strong team work, exceptional manufacturing, quality products and skills benefiting the end customer.


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